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about 1 month ago
gutr's staff application.

* Your Minecraft Username: 

current username: gutr

previous usernames: trapstxr, DEATH STorm 118



* Discord Username:




* Have you applied for staff before?:

Not on this server, but i have on other servers such as saicoPVP.



* What is your TimeZone?:

Currently BST.



* How old are you?:

15-   20/12/03


* Do you have access to a working microphone?:




* Do you have the abilty to record hackers?:

I have access to OBS.




* Why do you want to become a helper on LynxRaids?:

I have enjoyed playing on the server in the few days i have played and would like to give back to the server. Keeping the server hacker free will imprve the overall experience for everyone who plays on the server and I am willing to help do that.




* What do you think you can contribute to the server?:

I am very active and will be playing 6+ hours in the upcoming summer, meaning i am able to help new and exisiting players. I am very aware of the numerous hacks people use nowadays and I believe i will be able to help stop them.



* Why should we chose you over other applicants?:

I will be very active and basically don't have a life so i can put many hours into the server. I am also very good at working in a team and listening to people. I have a good knowledge of what to do when a player needs help.



* How active can you be on the server?:

4-10 hours daily

anywhere between 20-50 hours weekly,


* Have you had any other staff experience before?:


* Have you ever been banned/muted before?

Not on lynx raids.

I have been muted once on saico PVP.






* You think a player is hacking on the server and wasn't sure what to do. How would you deal/approach this?

Tell another staff member who may be able to approach the situation better than me.


* A group of players are having an argument in the server chat and you weren't sure who started it. How would you deal/approach this?

Give them a warning in chat and if they do not stop, mute them all.




* Do you fully understand the server rules and the punishments that may follow your actions?



* Do you understand that you must be able to help a player when they need it?


This includes telling them some rules and help commands.

* Please provide a screenshot of your total server time played.




If there is anything else you would like to know, please state now.

Love the server :) hopefully i get staff <3