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8 days ago
Map #2 End + Shockwave Week

LynxRaids: Map #3

Hello Headhunters!
Map #2 has almost come to an end! This map has been the best one yet. More action and a decent economy. Map #3 will come soon, but with a few changes. Map #3 will bring more content and features to the server. Nothing is going to be explained yet, but we will explain some info for the last week on the server.

Reset Information:
If you have been active in our discord, you will have noticed that we have announced the EOTW for August 20th 2019. This gives us roughly 2-3 days to get the new server up and running for you. We plan to get the Map #3 SOTW up for August 23rd 2019 (plus or minus 1 day).

What will be kept after reset:

  • Ranks
  • Commands
  • Prefixes
  • Showcase Contents
  • Kits
  • Multipliers (receiving a slight adjustment)

What will be lost after reset:

  • Inventories
  • Player Vaults
  • Ender Chests
  • Your Faction, including all Faction Land/Data
  • Cash Balance
  • Unopened Crate Keys
  • Any anything not mentioned in What will be kept after reset

Shockwave Week:
For the last week (5 days) of the server, we will be hosting a handful of events in which everyone will be able to have fun and receive the final boost for #FTOP1. These events include OP PvP, Drop Parties, Crate Key Alls, Boss Spawns, and Exclusive Admin Items for your/showcase. All of these events are random with their time radius. Below are when the events will start.

August 19th - 6 pm BST - Drop Party in /Spawn
August 18th -
6 pm BST - Crate Key All (3 randomly in the day)
August 17th -
6 pm BST - Boss Spawns (2 randomly in the day)
August 16th -
6 pm BST - Admin Item Spawns (3 randomly in the day)
August 15th -
6 pm BST - OP PvP in /warp PvP

EOTW Event:
On the final day of the server, there will be some strange events happening. Nothing is going to be disclosed as of yet. If you would like to find out what will happen, join our discord and stay active in the announcements channel.

For now, this is all we are going to explain. Hope to see you online during shockwave week!
~ BigNan

25 days ago
2.4.0 - Surges - Crates - Bosses and More

Welcome to #Map2 2.4.0


Two brand new surges have been added. These give the same effects but give it to different players.

  • PERSONAL Speed Surge: Grants you Speed 3 for 3 minutes which will allow you to get away from your enemies a lot quicker.
  • GLOBAL Speed Surge: Grants everyone Speed 3 for 3 minutes which will allow you to get away from your enemies a lot quicker.


Two brand new crates have been added. One crate can be received in-game from the servers envoys and the other can only be purchased on the server store.

  • Master Crate: Holds a bunch of OP items which can be purchased from the store, or received from the server envoys. This crate also includes all ranks.
  • Adventure Crate: Holds every single Adventure kit on the server. This crate can be received from the server envoys.


A new tier boss has been added for FREE on the server. This boss can only be spawned in within the PVP or Outside of Spawn.

  • Treasure Goblin: The Treasure Goblin is an Easy tier boss with 250hp. This boss gives you some loot when spawned, and a guaranteed SupplyDrop Detonator when defeated.

Adventure Kits:

A new Adventure kit has been added. This type of kit was requested as something that could help out the new players on the server.

  • Base Kit: The kit can be found within the Adventure Crate or from the server Envoys which spawn in randomly every 2 hours. This kit holds a variety of blocks which will make base building a lot easier.


MobCoins is a whole new way to grind mobs. MobCoins will be dropped from silverfish at a 15% chance. These can then be used in the /transfer shop and amazing items can be purchased. Below is a list of what the Transfer Shop currently holds.

  • YouTuber Tags. (#TeamNan, #TeamLit, #TeamCreator# (YouTubers get these for free).
  • Crate Keys
  • Spawners
  • Use /MobCoins for more info!

Bug fixes and Random Changes:

  • Grace Surge was removed. (temp)
  • Added Monster Crate Bundle Tier 4
  • Random Explosive issues have been resolved.
  • Fixed Cannoning Issues
  • Fixed Bucket Stacking
  • Fixed 1.8 PvP Mechanics
  • Buffed Bosses
  • Lowered AutoSellChests
  • Increased Trade GUI by 2 rows.
  • Fixed sticky pistons.
  • Added Bans Website. (

29 days ago
gutr's staff application.

Hello gutr,

Thank you for submitting an application and your interests in being staff on LynxRaids. However, I have felt the need to deny your application for the following reasons.

- You don't have any staff experience and this may affect the way you represent yourself on the server.

- You are 15 and we look for staff of the age of 16 years or older.

Don't let this denial affect how you play on the server. You are free to try again in the future!

29 days ago
ItzDillon's Staff Application

Hello ItzDillon,

Unfortunately, I have decided to deny your application for the following reasons.

- You are staff on Cosmic and Vanity and we are afraid your main focus will be other there.

- You might not put in as much effort as you would if you were on Cosmic or Vanity.

Thank you for taking the time to submit an application.

about 1 month ago
2.3.0 - Akit, Spawners, Lootboxes, Money, Bosses, Ping and More!

Welcome to #Map2 2.3.0

Adventure Kit:

A brand new Adventure Kit has been added to the server. This kit will allow you to claim a few potions and a basic set of gear every week.

  • Alchemist Kit: This kit is the start of something new we will be adding to the server in the future. This gives a set of potions and a set of gear. Nothing else will be explained!

Random Mob Spawners:

Random Mob Spawners are a custom item which will allow you to receive one of the listed spawners on the server. These can only be received from the server store, from the lootboxes, or from the new bosses which will be explained later on.

  • Random Mob Spawner: This item will drop any spawner from Skeleton to Silverfish.Perfect for your Ftop balance.

Max Balance:

As the economy has improved on the server a whole bunch, we thought it was time to increase the max balance on the server. This is something that has been suggested a lot, and something that was 100% needed.

  • Max Balance: This has been increased from $20,000,000 to $100,000,000.


Some players like to complain about how bad their connection is on the server, this is why we have introduced this feature. 

  • Ping: This will tell you how good your connection is on the server. The lower the number, the better.


As requested, a lot, we have now decided to add Bosses to the server. These bosses can be purchased from the server store but are guaranteed to be worth the money!.

  • Ping: Summon these OP bosses within any warzone region on the server to receive the demonic loot they have to offer.


Nothing really new has been added about lootboxes other than the fact a brand new lootbox is out with a whole new set of loot and animations.

  • BLOCKED: This lootbox has a small chance to drop another lootbox at the end, meaning you can get 2 lootboxes for the price of 1.

Bug fixes and Random Changes:

  • Added /showcase for players.
  • Added 4 powerboost packages on the server store.
  • Fixed selling crate keys to the shop.
  • Fixed creeper eggs damaging obsidian.
  • Fixed the mob stacking issue in the end.
  • Fixed the messed up hologram in the end.
  • And other minor changes.

(( NOTE: If you don't want to read this changelog, you can view the changes in game with /showcase BigNan ))