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Greetings Players,Over the past few days, we have held a very important poll on our discord with two options of what you want us to do with the server. I have also given my opinion on the poll, but my opinion, in any means, was not prioritised over yours. I, along with the community, want what's best for the server, whether that means a complete re-brand or just a few months downtime to get the best community possible! Please keep reading to find out about the server's future! I would first like to thank all of you that have participated in the server over the past 10 months. I have had a lot of fun hosting a faction server for you all to enjoy. Before you finish reading this, I would like to mention that the server is not shutting! As the most chosen option on the poll, we will just be having a few months to put the server into maintenance and build up an amazing community with more players and YouTubers! We will be returning with a bang! Tonnes of features and a complete overhaul on literally everything. I hope you all understand why we have chosen to do this! - BigNan Side Notes: 1) When the server returns, we may not be coming back under the same name. I and Cloven will be looking at a new name for the server and build a game mode around that! We will also be taking store purchases (ranks and kits) into thought!  2) Ftop winners of this map WILL receive some sort of rewards for the next season!
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Greetings Players,A few new great items have been added this week, along with some awesome new PVP gear which will boost your god-ness.The server will be down for 5 minutes following this post. STORE ANNOUNCEMENT( All purchases over £20 come with a free mystery pet box) IP: Play.LynxRaids.Com / MC.LynxRaids.ComStore: What's New? Custom EnchantsTwo brand new custom enchants have been added this week. Each enchant with a different ability when applied to your gear/ tools. Infernal EnchantMax Level: 3Advanced Enchantment Evade EnchantMax Level: 3 Advanced Enchant Shop AdditionsAs stated a few days ago, a few items and a category were missing from the /shop. This update will fix those missing things! Food ShopYes!, a food shop has finally been added. Not all food items have been added so please be aware of that! If you want a food item added, message me on discord! Anvils and Enchantment Tables have been added to the Misc Shop! KitsTwo brand new kits have been added! One of which you can obtain via server METEOR STRIKES, and the other from the server store! Forged Meteor KitThis kit can be obtained via the server METEOR STRIKES and is in the tier of Iron. However, this may be stronger than you think when you have the full set, including the sword ;). Executor Warzone KitWe have added a new aspect of kits dedicated to the warzone on the server. Not all of these kits will be store-based, however, the first one will be. This kit has it's own dedicated enchant called Executor Buff I. This will add an extra 25% protection to your gear. For example, Protection V will be Protection V.25 making it a bit stronger. What's Coming Soonish? Adventure Kit Revamp Warzone Hordes Sell Wands And that's it! Thanks for reading!!!! IP: Play.LynxRaids.Com / MC.LynxRaids.ComStore:
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Greetings Players,Not a lot will be added this week. Just a few pocket fillers along with some adjustments to current features.The server will be down for 5 minutes following this post. STORE ANNOUNCEMENT( All purchases over £20 come with a free mystery pet box) IP: Play.LynxRaids.Com / MC.LynxRaids.ComStore: What's New? Custom EnchantsTwo brand new custom enchants have been added this week. Each enchant with a different ability when applied to your gear/ tools. The price for custom enchants have also been altered to make a bit easier to get. Basic Enchants 2,500 -> 1,000 Advanced Enchants 6,500 -> 3,000 Extreme Enchants 11,000 -> 5,000 Shockwave EnchantMax Level: 3Advanced Enchantment Preservation EnchantMac Level: 3Advanced Enchantment Bunny OrbIt's been a hot minute since we've released a new orb. This week, we have decided to introduce an orb which may be useful within the warzone when looting meteor chests.  20 Seconds of Jump 2 Applies to the player who activates Can be looted in Warzone Chests Builders LootbagLike a little pocket filler for those new players who are struggling to get materials for their base, we have added a small lootbag which will give a variety of blocks including a free diamond pickaxe.  Can be looted in warzone chests. What's Coming Soon? Warzone Hordes Adventure Kit Revamps Sell Wands And that's it! Thanks for reading! IP: Play.LynxRaids.Com / MC.LynxRaids.ComStore:
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about 1 month ago

Greetings "Headhunters", or, are you Headhunters?Welcome to the revamp! Many changes have been made to the server to provide better gameplay for you. The server will be down for 30 minutes following this post! STORE ANNOUNCEMENT(All store purchases over £20 come with a free Mystery Pet Box) IP: // mc.lynxraids.comStore: What's New? The Spawn/PvPSpawn has had a complete makeover after 3 maps of having the same design! Same goes for the PVP zone, except, the PVP zone is now apart of spawn! Jump down and head off to battle! Spawn holds the same things such as crate keys, NPCs, ftop holograms and much more! Spawn has a jump down section to head into the PVP zone! CratesCrates have also had a redo. Some rewards remain the same, but some have been added/removed. The new rewards will not be announced in this post, we will leave that for you to explore yourself! Crate Keys are now a physical item and each crate has a dedicated chest! You can get to the crates via /warp crates. Kit GUI/ KitsAfter a long time of looking, we have decided it was best to do a complete makeover for the kit GUI. Depending on whether your kit is available, on cooldown or locked, it will show a different item each time reminding you when you can claim your kit, or if your kit is available already. Some kits have also been removed. Removed ALL Adventure Kits (re-adding soon with a makeover). Removed the Demonic, Monthly, PotPvP and Ftop Kit. Vote RewardsVoting has been fixed! All vote links will now give a crate key and all percentages for the lucky rewards have been increased! There are 5 links to vote on daily! Each link will give a vote key + luck rewards (if received). Gen BucketsWhat! New Genbuckets? yes! We have now added a horizontal gen bucket! These are no longer available in /shop but you can receive them in /gb. Cobblestone and Obsidian gen buckets! Available in Horizontal and Vertical mode! Mob StackingMob Stacking has been fixed! Mobs will no longer bug out when taking no knockback and will stack in a new mode to get max efficiency out of them! Mobs stack to 1,250. Mob killing is now a lot faster! PetsInstead of using masks, we have decided to introduce a new item called pets! These can be obtained in our server events or giveaways on our discord. There are currently only 3 pets on the server. Chicken, Pig and Horse! Chicken gives immunity to fall damage, Horse gives speed and Pig gives saturation. New pets will be added weekly! Custom Enchants4 brand new custom enchants have been added! Build up your god sets and fight your enemies for that golden ftop 1 position! The new enchants are Tainted Web, Radiate, Aquatic Blade and Extinguish. Can be obtained in the /enchanter! Headhunting????We have decided to remove headhunting from the server. This is due to players not wanting to grind as much as they were supposed to. Instead, we have introduced a custom way to gain spawners. There are 4 sections to the 'spawner shop'. Each section requires a /quest to be completed before you can purchase a spawner. These quests aren't hard. But, you still have to grind a bit to gain the spawners. The sections are Basic, Advanced, Deluxe and Extreme spawners! Unlock with /quests. Total of 17 Spawners. Added Squid and Mooshroom Spawner to the ladder. Shop/EconomyWe have redone the whole server economy! It will require a bit more AFK/Grind time to get money, but, we have added in a feature that will help you sell faster! /Shop has had a makeover! Mob Drops will now sell for less! Some farming items will sell for more, and some will sell for less. Spawner Sections have been added to /shop. Hoppers have been decreased in price (including custom hoppers). Added the /sell chest command to sell all chests in that specific chunk. Can be unlocked in the Player Core for 96 Core Fragments. Meteor StrikesWe have added a custom feature called Meteor Strikes on the server. Every so often, the server will activate an automatic meteor strike which will spawn X amount of chests in the warzone. These chests include OP items which will contribute towards your ftop position. There are a total of 40 spawn locations, but all of these chests won't spawn. Automatic Meteor Strikes are every 3 hours! You can activate one yourself with a METEOR STRIKE token. What's Been Removed? Custom Recipes Adventure Kits Some premium kits. Bosses Sell Wands [adding back when fixed] Custom Fishing Mob coins Headhunting What's Coming Soon? Loot boxes Loot bags Coin Flips Hordes And that's it! Thanks for reading, and hope to see you all online in 30 minutes! IP: // mc.lynxraids.comStore:
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