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Important The future of "LynxRaids"
Started by BigNan

Greetings Players,
Over the past few days, we have held a very important poll on our discord with two options of what you want us to do with the server. I have also given my opinion on the poll, but my opinion, in any means, was not prioritised over yours. I, along with the community, want what's best for the server, whether that means a complete re-brand or just a few months downtime to get the best community possible! Please keep reading to find out about the server's future!

I would first like to thank all of you that have participated in the server over the past 10 months. I have had a lot of fun hosting a faction server for you all to enjoy. Before you finish reading this, I would like to mention that the server is not shutting! As the most chosen option on the poll, we will just be having a few months to put the server into maintenance and build up an amazing community with more players and YouTubers! We will be returning with a bang! Tonnes of features and a complete overhaul on literally everything.

I hope you all understand why we have chosen to do this!

- BigNan

Side Notes: 
1) When the server returns, we may not be coming back under the same name. I and Cloven will be looking at a new name for the server and build a game mode around that! We will also be taking store purchases (ranks and kits) into thought! 

2) Ftop winners of this map WILL receive some sort of rewards for the next season!

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