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Patch Notes: Revamp v1.2.0
Started by BigNan

Greetings Players,
A few new great items have been added this week, along with some awesome new PVP gear which will boost your god-ness.

The server will be down for 5 minutes following this post.

( All purchases over £20 come with a free mystery pet box)

IP: Play.LynxRaids.Com / MC.LynxRaids.Com

What's New?

Custom Enchants
Two brand new custom enchants have been added this week. Each enchant with a different ability when applied to your gear/ tools.

  • Infernal Enchant
    Max Level: 3
    Advanced Enchantment
  • Evade Enchant
    Max Level: 3
  • Advanced Enchant

Shop Additions
As stated a few days ago, a few items and a category were missing from the /shop. This update will fix those missing things!

  • Food Shop
    Yes!, a food shop has finally been added. Not all food items have been added so please be aware of that! If you want a food item added, message me on discord!
  • Anvils and Enchantment Tables have been added to the Misc Shop!

Two brand new kits have been added! One of which you can obtain via server METEOR STRIKES, and the other from the server store!

  • Forged Meteor Kit
    This kit can be obtained via the server METEOR STRIKES and is in the tier of Iron. However, this may be stronger than you think when you have the full set, including the sword ;).
  • Executor Warzone Kit
    We have added a new aspect of kits dedicated to the warzone on the server. Not all of these kits will be store-based, however, the first one will be. This kit has it's own dedicated enchant called Executor Buff I. This will add an extra 25% protection to your gear. For example, Protection V will be Protection V.25 making it a bit stronger.

What's Coming Soonish?

  • Adventure Kit Revamp
  • Warzone Hordes
  • Sell Wands

And that's it! Thanks for reading!!!!

IP: Play.LynxRaids.Com / MC.LynxRaids.Com

About 1 month ago