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Christmas Update
The Christmas Update will be released during next season on the server! This was a discussion made by the Staff Team and decided it was pointless to release it and reset the server a few days later!
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Important 4.0.0 - The CORE BETA
Started by BigNan

[NOTE: Lootbox: CORE is now OUT!]

Greetings Headhunters!
Welcome to the CORE BETA! This season will last for a total of 1 month and has many new/improved features. Any major bugs found and that are reported will be rewarded! So, let's get into the new season!

What's been reset from the last map?

  • Inventories
  • Player Vaults
  • Ender Chests
  • Your Faction, including all Faction Land/Data
  • Cash Balance
  • Unopened Crate Keys
  • Player Core Purchases

What's New?

  • PlayerCore Additions -¬†
    A total of 2 new upgrades have been added to the core. These upgrades allow further progress on the server along with a perk that was much needed!
    - 1.40x Multiplier
       This multiplier allows you to sell any items within /shop for 40% more than normal.
    - Loss of EXP On Death Exemption
      This upgrade will allow you to keep your experience when you die.
  • Surge Improvements -
    Any Surges on the server have since been renamed and labelled 'orbs'. They also come as a brand new item and are available specifically in Envoys and a future addition not yet to be announced.
  • Experience and Money withdrawals¬†-
    The Money and EXP Withdraw plugins have been improved and made a lot more server friendly. The following commands have also been added for these features.
    - /XPBottle ALL
    - /Withdraw ALL
  • Sell Wand, Chunk Busters, Harvester Hoes and Trench Pickaxes -
    All 4 of these items have had major improvements along with new display lores to fit the purpose a little more.
    - Sell Wands 
       Sell Wands will no longer run out of uses after being used once.
    - Trench Pickaxes
       Trench Pickaxes will no longer bug out and not trench out your surrounding blocks.
    - Chunk Busters
       Chunk Busters now have an increased warning time instead of an automatic one incase of misplacements.
    - Harvester Hoes
       Harvester Hoes now Auto Sell as default and no longer auto send the sugar cane to your inventory.
  • Envoy Improvements -
    Just like every reset, envoys have received another improvement so the time spent in PvP is worth it and extremely rewarding.
  • Faction Missions/Points -¬†
    The Faction Missions have received a major redo and now work 100% with no errors. No new missions have been added and the mission types have not been changed!
    The Points shop has also received a redo. The shop will now include a variety of spawners instead of just the one!
  • Custom Recipes -¬†
    - You are now able to craft 8 of each custom recipe at once.
    - You can now sell 1, 64 or an Inventory of custom recipes at once.

    - A custom recipe NPC has been placed at spawn.
  • Mob Improvements -¬†
    - Creepers now have a chance to drop a random amount of TNT up to 3.
    - Mobs no longer spawn automatically in the wilderness.
    - All mobs are friendly and will not attack you!
  • Economy Changes -
    - All spawners now have a new spawner value along with a shop price.
    - All mob heads have an increased sale price.
    - All mob drops have an increased sale price.
    - All ores now have an increased sale price.
  • Faction Improvements -¬†
    - You will no longer be able to set homes in other lands.
    - Logging out in other lands other than your own and wilderness will teleport you to spawn.
  • HeadHunting Additions -
    - All headhunting levels/mobs now have their own dedicated mask in the /headhunting GUI.
    - Silverfish, Pigman and Horse have been added to the HeadHunting levelling system.
    - Silverfish are now worth $1,250,000.
  • KoTH -¬†
    After listening to your suggestions, KoTH now comes with the following loot.
    - KoTH Lootbag
      - 2 Guaranteed Rewards
      - 3 Random Rewards
    KoTHs now automatically give you the loot instead of in a chest.

Bug Fixes and QoL Changes -
- Removed Sell Chests
- Removed Vote Party
- Removed Spawner Trackers
- Removed /rename
- Removed the Spawner PKit and the Alchemist, Base and Exotic AKit.

24 days ago