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Important Patch Notes 3.5.0
Started by BigNan

Greetings HeadHunters!
Halloween is near, meaning a new update which will involve new Halloween items and features! Visit the Halloween NPC at spawn to get started!

Because Halloween is near, and this is a Halloween update, the spawn of the server has been 'spooked' up a little to fit the Halloween theme. There is also a Halloween Merchant NPC which will allow you to navigate your way around the new features in one GUI.

Halloween Quests
3 quests have been added to the server. All of these quests give out Limited Halloween Items which will not be available after the 7th of November. Every player can access these quests via the /Halloween GUI, or by simply entering the command /quests.

Halloween Crate
Just for completing a Halloween Quest, you will receive a FREE Halloween Crate Key which is promised to give you some OP Rewards. Each player will only be allowed to receive a FREE Crate Key ONCE, but you are able to purchase one on the store if needed. Each Halloween Crate Key purchased on the store is a Buy One Get One Free Feature till they are removed!

Halloween Shop
A small Halloween shop has been added which will allow you to purchase a cosmetic item, perfect for your /showcase, or to purchase some Limited Halloween Gear! Everything in this shop can be purchased with In-Game Money, and can only be accessed via the /Halloween GUI.

Halloween Recipe
A Limited Halloween Recipe has been added to the /farming feature. This recipe requires an Unlock Page, but that can be received for free with the Halloween Rewards Feature! The recipe is displayed below.

  • Carved Pumpkin Recipe
    - Sale Price $20,000
    - Craft Price: Free
    - Craft Permission: Requires unlock page. (can be found in the /Halloween GUI)
    Craft Recipe:
      * 8 Pumpkin
      * 8 Coal
      * 1 Diamond Sword

Halloween Tags
3 Halloween tags are available for you! You can receive 2 of these tags by completing Quests, and the other by logging in on a specific day, and claiming your Halloween Reward! All available for FREE.

HeadHunting Masks
Some new HeadHunting masks have been added. Each with different abilities but all with 5 tiers. Each mask can be received via the Cauldron at spawn, or through the /headhunter GUI.

  • Enderman Mask - Enderpearl Invisibility
    Level 1
      * 640 Enderman Heads
      * 0 Mob Masks
    Level 2
      * 2,560 Enderman Heads
      * 1 Enderman I Mob Masks
    Level 3
      * 5,760 Enderman Heads
      * 1 Enderman II Mob Masks
    Level 4
      * 9,216 Enderman Heads
      * 1 Enderman III Mob Masks
    Level 5
      * 13,824 Enderman Heads
      * 1 Enderman IV Mob Masks

Climb to the #Ftop1 position with this new and op lootbox.

  • You can receive a total of 5 items from this Lootbox. 3 from the Stashed/Jackpot loot, and 2 from the Bonus Loot Catagory.
  • You will always receive 2 Bonus Items from this Lootbox.

Receive a FREE Ultra Rank with every Lootbox: SpOoKeD x3 Purchase!

Server Feature Changes and QoL Fixes
- Fixed any issues with Custom Recipies and /farming.
- Fixed spawner shop signs not working.
- Fixed /f shop not working.
- Fixed /f perms not working.
- /f shop now displays your total faction points when hovering over the glass.
- Added /f discord and /f setdiscord.
- Fixed spawn holograms messing up.
- KoTH no longer requires 2 players to start.
- Emperor gear has been switched to KoTH gear in /koth loot.
- Added command /koth loot.
- Fixed not being able to start another faction mission after one has been completed.
(( NOTE: You can NOT complete the same mission more than once! ))
- You can now have 2 active faction missions at once.
- Updated the way /ftop looks. [added relation colours]

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