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Cjxey's Staff Application
Started by Cjxey

Your Minecraft Username: 

* Discord Username:

  • .cjxey#6469

* Have you applied for staff before?:

  • Yes i applied a few months ago.

* What is your TimeZone?:

  • BST currently, will change to GMT soon

* How old are you?:

  • 15
  • 20/12/2003

* Do you have access to a working microphone?:

  • Yes.

* Do you have the abilty to record hackers?:

  • Yes, i am familiar with OBS

High Effort Level Questions - Maximum detail required

(( You will be assessed on grammar ))

(( High Effort is not about how much you put, its also about how mature you can answer the question ))

* Why do you want to become a helper on LynxRaids?:

  • I have been playing on Lynx for multipe months now and have gotten to know the community quite well. I achieved ftop 2 last map and i am striving for ftop 2 this map. However,  I  now beleive that I would like to help the community more as a staff member rather than a player. As a staff member, I am able to help the server much more and I feel as though I would be able to assist the community more. I would like to become a helper to improve staff activity and ensure players have someone to talk to about their problems.

* What do you think you can contribute to the server?:

    • As a normal player, I have recently found many bugs that I have  reported. After playing two maps, I now believe I have a good knowledge of the server and will be able to help players with their issues. I am now confident with staff commands and I believe I know the correct punishments for offences.

* Why should we chose you over other applicants?:

  • I believe that I want to be staff more than other people. After getting denied the first time, I am now determined to help the community out more. I also have previous experiences of being staff and i am able  to hsndle most situations I am put in.

* How active can you be on the server?:

  • Weekdays 2-3 hours/day weekends- 3-4 hours /day

* Have you had any other staff experience before?:

  • Owner-GalaxPVP

Have you ever been banned/muted before?

Muted on SaicoPVP once


  • This includes other servers aswell.

High Effort Level Scenarios - Maximum detail required

(( You will be assessed on grammar ))

* You think a player is hacking on the server and wasn't sure what to do. How would you deal/approach this?

If I am not sure whether a player is hacking or not, I would record proof and send it to another staff member for reviewal.



* A group of players are having an argument in the server chat and you weren't sure who started it. How would you deal/approach this?

Ask the players to calm down and take it somewhere else, if they fail to do so warn them. If they carry on, mute for the appropriate amount of time.


* Do you fully understand the server rules and the punishments that may follow your actions?Yes

  • Read the rules of the server for this.

* Do you understand that you must be able to help a player when they need it?

  • This includes telling them some rules and help commands.
  • Yes

* Please provide a screenshot of your total server time played.

  • Once in Minecraft, go to your Settings/Options and then Statistics.
  • Can i send this through DM, I can't get in game right now.

If there is anything else you would like to know, please state now.

  • Please do N/A if there isn't
  • If there are any typos i am sorry, I wrote this on a laptop
  • I'm gonna get ftop 1 this map
  • -Cjxey <3
About 1 month ago

Hello Cjxey,
Thank you for taking the time for applying for staff on LynxRaids. 
After thorough thought, we are happy to announce that we will be trialling you with Trial-Helper on the server.
All information will be given on a Trial-Helper channel on the discord!

~ BigNan

About 1 month ago