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Important Patch Notes 3.3.0
Started by BigNan

Greetings HeadHunters!

A new update comes along! This update has been pushed forward a week earlier than expected as we think it is something we need to add now! This is only a small update and no new Faction Missions or Farming Recipes will be added.

Voting both helps you out on the server with getting to the FTop 2 position, along with helping our server get advertised in the Minecraft community. Over the past weeks, vote rewards haven't been getting sent through properly, causing you to get the same rewards over and over again. Below is a display of the new vote rewards, along with something new we have added to make voting more fun.

  • Rewards:
    - 1x Vote Key
    - $15,000
    - 1 Core Fragment
  • Chance Rewards:
    - Double Rewards 30%
    - Basic Key 20%
    - Spawner Key 10%
    - Special Key 5%
  • Vote Milestones
    - Vote Milestones is a server-wide event which will allow you to claim a specific reward when the goal is reached. Milestones will be announced on discord when completed!

Crates Keys can be obtained via the PvP Envoys, or via the Server Store. Crates allow you to spin and have a chance to obtain Legendary OP items on the server. This update includes the following features.

  • Buffed the Vote Crate
    - Now includes more items such as
      * Sell Wands
      * HeadHunting Spawners
  • Buffed the Basic Crate
    - Now includes more items such as
      * Core Fragments
      * Auto Sell Chests
  • Buffed Special Crate
    - Now includes more items such as
      * Boss Eggs
      * Player Ranks
  • Buffed Master Crate
    - Now includes more items such as
      * Trenching Pickaxes
      * Boss Eggs
      * Player Ranks
  • GUI Improvements
    - The Crate GUI now has a more improved layout. This means all of the crates go in order of Worst to best.

MobCoin Shop
Recently suggested, a lot, has been that the MobCoin shop should include more items. We have listened to your feedback and have added the following items to the MobCoin shop for a specific price.

  • Chunk Busters
    - Price: 250 MobCoins
  • Trenching Pickaxe
    - Price: 1,250 MobCoins

Server Feature Changes and QoL Fixes
- Fixed PlayerCores spamming console when opened.
- Fixed /farming not giving Old Bananas.
- Added an All Suffix bundle to the store.
  * This will also include all future suffixes.
  * If you purchase this, you will receive the newly added ones.
- Updated the spawn hologram.
- Improved the Life and Feed surge.
- Added a 1 time use message to Adventure Kit Tokens.
- Fixed /f missions error.
- Fixed Mask GUI not creating masks.
- Added Custom Recipe Items to Envoys.
- Fixed Donator Reward not showing for Ranked Players.
- Fixed chat spam on FTop Update.
- Fixed Welcome MOTD showing all black text.
- Fixed Player Join messages not showing for other players.
- Added a Dry Cactus Farming Recipe
  * Sale Price: $5,000
  * Craft Price: Free
  * Recipe:
~ 32 Cactus
~ 4 Coal
~ 1 Stale Bread

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