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Important 3.2.0 - HeadHunting, The End, LootBox and More
Started by BigNan



21 Apr 2019

Greetings HeadHunters!

A new bi-week comes across in the LynxRaids map, meaning a new update! This patch will add some new features to the gameplay, along with some new items for you to enjoy!

HeadHunting has received a slight improvement on the server. Each level has now received a new message in chat, announcing to the server what level you have upgraded to. Along with this, Level 6 and Level 12 of the HeadHunting system gives you rewards for reaching that level.
Level 6:
  - 1x Basic Crate Key
Level 12:
  - 1x Special Crate Key

HeadHunting Masks
Masks are something new we would like to introduce this week. There is currently only 1 mask on the server, but we have plans to introduce more. Masks can be obtained via the /headhunting GUI, or through the Cauldron placed at spawn. Each mask comes with 5 levels and requires a specific number of Mob Heads to purchase. To get to the next mask level, it requires the current mask level and x amount of heads.

  • Level 1:
    - 2,304 Chicken Heads
    - 0 Mob Masks
  • Level 2:
    - 3,456 Chicken Heads
    - Level 1 Chicken Mask
  • Level 3:
    - 5,760 Chicken Heads
    - Level 2 Chicken Mask
  • Level 4:
    - 9,216 Chicken Heads
    - Level 3 Chicken Mask
  • Level 5:
    - 19,432 Chicken Heads
    - Level 4 Chicken Mask

The End
The End has finally been introduced! This gives an extra 4 corners to the server and more places to hide! The end is flat meaning there is no enderdragon or any other regular features in vanilla!

Faction Missions
A new Faction Mission is out! This mission will require you to Breed 250 chickens in your Faction Territory allowing you to be 1 third away from purchasing a Silverfish Spawner!

Custom Recipes
A new custom recipe is out!

Old Banana

  • Sale Price: $2,000
  • Can be crafted for Free. Doesn't require permission.
  • Can be crafted with
    - 6 Milk Buckets
    - 32 Carrots
    - 16 Coal

Climb to the #Ftop1 position with this new and op lootbox.

  • You can receive a total of 6 items from this Lootbox. 3-5 from the Stashed Loot Catagory, and 1 from the Divine Loot Catagory.
  • You will always receive at least 1 Divine item from this lootbox.

Receive a FREE Chicken 2 Mask with every Lootbox: Punch x3 purchase!

Rank Changes
All ranks on the server have received a complete redo. Some ranks either didn't have enough features, or they had way to much compared to the others. This patch will hopefully make ranks fairer and help you with your gameplay.

  • Ultra Rank
    - Received some new permissions
  • Elite Rank
    - Received some new permissions
    - Removed some permissions (added to hero)
    - Added a 1-time purchase item
  • Hero Rank
    - Received some new permissions
    - Added a 1-time purchase item
  • Lynx Rank
    - Received some new permissions
    - Removed some permissions (added to emperor)
    - Added a 1-time purchase item
  • Emperor Rank
    - Received some new permissions
    - Added a 1-time purchase item

Server Feature Changes and QoL Fixes
- Made the Join and Leave messages have your player rank next to the name.
- Upon joining the server, you will be sent to spawn. [Can be bypassed in /playercore]
- Automatic Restarts have been re-synced.
- Repair Signs have been added at /spawn.
- Repair GUI has been removed for ranked and none rank players.
- Kit: Emperor Monthly has been removed.
- Tag Crate has been removed.
  - Tags can now be purchased, cheaper than the Crate Key was, on the store.
- Crate Bundles have been removed.
- Player Core has been updated and made more user-friendly.
- Player Core can now be opened with /core along with /playercore.

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