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Important Patch Notes 2.4.0
Started by BigNan

Welcome to #Map2 2.4.0


Two brand new surges have been added. These give the same effects but give it to different players.

  • PERSONAL Speed Surge: Grants you Speed 3 for 3 minutes which will allow you to get away from your enemies a lot quicker.
  • GLOBAL Speed Surge: Grants everyone Speed 3 for 3 minutes which will allow you to get away from your enemies a lot quicker.


Two brand new crates have been added. One crate can be received in-game from the servers envoys and the other can only be purchased on the server store.

  • Master Crate: Holds a bunch of OP items which can be purchased from the store, or received from the server envoys. This crate also includes all ranks.
  • Adventure Crate: Holds every single Adventure kit on the server. This crate can be received from the server envoys.


A new tier boss has been added for FREE on the server. This boss can only be spawned in within the PVP or Outside of Spawn.

  • Treasure Goblin: The Treasure Goblin is an Easy tier boss with 250hp. This boss gives you some loot when spawned, and a guaranteed SupplyDrop Detonator when defeated.

Adventure Kits:

A new Adventure kit has been added. This type of kit was requested as something that could help out the new players on the server.

  • Base Kit: The kit can be found within the Adventure Crate or from the server Envoys which spawn in randomly every 2 hours. This kit holds a variety of blocks which will make base building a lot easier.


MobCoins is a whole new way to grind mobs. MobCoins will be dropped from silverfish at a 15% chance. These can then be used in the /transfer shop and amazing items can be purchased. Below is a list of what the Transfer Shop currently holds.

  • YouTuber Tags. (#TeamNan, #TeamLit, #TeamCreator# (YouTubers get these for free).
  • Crate Keys
  • Spawners
  • Use /MobCoins for more info!

Bug fixes and Random Changes:

  • Grace Surge was removed. (temp)
  • Added Monster Crate Bundle Tier 4
  • Random Explosive issues have been resolved.
  • Fixed Cannoning Issues
  • Fixed Bucket Stacking
  • Fixed 1.8 PvP Mechanics
  • Buffed Bosses
  • Lowered AutoSellChests
  • Increased Trade GUI by 2 rows.
  • Fixed sticky pistons.
  • Added Bans Website. (
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