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gutr's staff application.
Started by gutr



17 Jul 2019

* Your Minecraft Username: 

current username: gutr

previous usernames: trapstxr, DEATH STorm 118



* Discord Username:




* Have you applied for staff before?:

Not on this server, but i have on other servers such as saicoPVP.



* What is your TimeZone?:

Currently BST.



* How old are you?:

15-   20/12/03


* Do you have access to a working microphone?:




* Do you have the abilty to record hackers?:

I have access to OBS.




* Why do you want to become a helper on LynxRaids?:

I have enjoyed playing on the server in the few days i have played and would like to give back to the server. Keeping the server hacker free will imprve the overall experience for everyone who plays on the server and I am willing to help do that.




* What do you think you can contribute to the server?:

I am very active and will be playing 6+ hours in the upcoming summer, meaning i am able to help new and exisiting players. I am very aware of the numerous hacks people use nowadays and I believe i will be able to help stop them.



* Why should we chose you over other applicants?:

I will be very active and basically don't have a life so i can put many hours into the server. I am also very good at working in a team and listening to people. I have a good knowledge of what to do when a player needs help.



* How active can you be on the server?:

4-10 hours daily

anywhere between 20-50 hours weekly,


* Have you had any other staff experience before?:


* Have you ever been banned/muted before?

Not on lynx raids.

I have been muted once on saico PVP.






* You think a player is hacking on the server and wasn't sure what to do. How would you deal/approach this?

Tell another staff member who may be able to approach the situation better than me.


* A group of players are having an argument in the server chat and you weren't sure who started it. How would you deal/approach this?

Give them a warning in chat and if they do not stop, mute them all.




* Do you fully understand the server rules and the punishments that may follow your actions?



* Do you understand that you must be able to help a player when they need it?


This includes telling them some rules and help commands.

* Please provide a screenshot of your total server time played.




If there is anything else you would like to know, please state now.

Love the server :) hopefully i get staff <3

gutr · about 1 month ago


21 Apr 2019

Hello gutr,

Thank you for submitting an application and your interests in being staff on LynxRaids. However, I have felt the need to deny your application for the following reasons.

- You don't have any staff experience and this may affect the way you represent yourself on the server.

- You are 15 and we look for staff of the age of 16 years or older.

Don't let this denial affect how you play on the server. You are free to try again in the future!

BigNan · 29 days ago