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Important Patch Notes 2.3.0
Started by BigNan

Welcome to #Map2 2.3.0

Adventure Kit:

A brand new Adventure Kit has been added to the server. This kit will allow you to claim a few potions and a basic set of gear every week.

  • Alchemist Kit: This kit is the start of something new we will be adding to the server in the future. This gives a set of potions and a set of gear. Nothing else will be explained!

Random Mob Spawners:

Random Mob Spawners are a custom item which will allow you to receive one of the listed spawners on the server. These can only be received from the server store, from the lootboxes, or from the new bosses which will be explained later on.

  • Random Mob Spawner: This item will drop any spawner from Skeleton to Silverfish.Perfect for your Ftop balance.

Max Balance:

As the economy has improved on the server a whole bunch, we thought it was time to increase the max balance on the server. This is something that has been suggested a lot, and something that was 100% needed.

  • Max Balance: This has been increased from $20,000,000 to $100,000,000.


Some players like to complain about how bad their connection is on the server, this is why we have introduced this feature. 

  • Ping: This will tell you how good your connection is on the server. The lower the number, the better.


As requested, a lot, we have now decided to add Bosses to the server. These bosses can be purchased from the server store but are guaranteed to be worth the money!.

  • Ping: Summon these OP bosses within any warzone region on the server to receive the demonic loot they have to offer.


Nothing really new has been added about lootboxes other than the fact a brand new lootbox is out with a whole new set of loot and animations.

  • BLOCKED: This lootbox has a small chance to drop another lootbox at the end, meaning you can get 2 lootboxes for the price of 1.

Bug fixes and Random Changes:

  • Added /showcase for players.
  • Added 4 powerboost packages on the server store.
  • Fixed selling crate keys to the shop.
  • Fixed creeper eggs damaging obsidian.
  • Fixed the mob stacking issue in the end.
  • Fixed the messed up hologram in the end.
  • And other minor changes.

(( NOTE: If you don't want to read this changelog, you can view the changes in game with /showcase BigNan ))

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