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Important Patch Notes 2.2.0
Started by BigNan

Welcome to #Map2 2.2.0


Storage may be a huge issue on the server when it comes to storing valuable items, such as TNT. This feature will make storing TNT a lot easier for your faction!

  • /F TNT: This command will allow you to store TNT in a virtual vault on the server. This can hold up to 10,000 pieces of TNT and can only be accessed if you have the permission to from your Faction Owner.

F Vault:

This feature has been disabled for a while on the server. However, we have now implemented this feature properly and will help you store some valuable items you want to keep safer than others.

  • /F GetVault: This command will allow you to claim a faction vault for the price of $50,000. NOTE: This vault can only be placed in YOUR faction land and can be destroyed and raided by Faction Enemies.
  • /F Vault: This command will allow you to open your faction vault anywhere on the server. NOTE: You can NOT store spawners in your vault as it allows you to hide faction value.

F Chest:

This feature will allow you to open a virtual chest for your faction. This allows you to store some items that you would like all faction members to use, such as, trench pickaxes or op swords.

  • /F Chest: This command will open up the faction chest. NOTE: Upgrade/Purchase your faction chest with the command /f upgrades.

F Upgrades:

Faction Upgrades have received a buff and some improvements. This feature now comes with buffed upgrades, meaning farming and grinding will become a lot faster.

  • /F Upgrades: This upgrades in this GUI have received a price increase BUT have had a major buff in what they do as a feature overall.

Hidden Value:

A brand new rule has been introduced to the server. This rule will make it so that you cant hide faction vault in any sort of chest on the server. If you are found to be keeping value in one of the portable chests, you will have your faction disbanded and you won't have your faction count towards the f top rewards. The items you can not store for value are seen below.

  • Spawners (Level 5+)
  • Beacons
  • Hoppers

Bug Fixes:

Here is a list of all the bugs that have been fixed over the past few days.

  • Warp Nether improvements.
  • Disabled IG Stacking.
  • Fixed mob drops.
  • Decreased chances of OP Golden Apples.
  • Disabled roof cannons.
  • All mobs are now passive.
  • Fixed gen buckets (/shop genbuckets).
  • Buckets now stack.
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