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Important 2.0.0 - A whole new start!
Started by BigNan



21 Apr 2019

Welcome to #Map2

This post will go through all the new additions to the server along with the changes that have been made to make the server more enjoyable to play.

Before I start, I would like to thank you all for being so patient during the week delay we have had. This has given us a bit more time to fix some of the bugs you have reported and to get the new items added working effectively.

Surges (Orbs):

Surges are a brand new set of items that we have added to the server which will kind of change the gameplay on the server. There are currently 3 surges on the server, 2 with a similar ability and 1 with someone different.

  • Night Surge: This surge will allow you to change the servers current time from night to day. This will allow you to place down your spawners in the wilderness and grind them if you don't have a base or don't want to make one for the time being.
  • Day Surge: This surge will allow you to change the servers current time from day to night. This will allow you to counter the Night Surge and get your own way!
  • Grace Surge: The Grace Surge essentially allows you to disable raiding for a specific time radius on the server. These surges come in 3 different time radius but most commonly 30 minutes.
  • GUI:l There is a GUI on the server which can be opened with /orbs. This will allow you to view all the different types of orbs on the server, and view what they look like.


As the server mainly focuses on HeadHunting to be able to progress, the last map was a bit difficult. Due to this, we have decided to revamp the HeadHunting system and bring you version 2.0 of the HeadSelling features!

  • Prices: Each mob head will now sell for more money than before (excluding chickens). This will allow you to progress a little further and a little faster on the server.
  • Amounts: Each rank no longer requires a mass amount of heads to be able to rank up. Each level has been decreased by almost 75% and will allow you to progress a lot easier than last time. (if you think some still need changing, please make a support ticket)

Gen Buckets:

Gen Buckets now come in an unlimited use bucket which will charge you every time you click a block. This saves inventory space and the number of times you have to click to purchase a bucket.

  • Command: The command for gen buckets has been changed from /gb to /gen.
  • Fixes: Gen buckets can no longer be placed in all territories and in safe zones.


Vaults were one of the main rank features last map for the server. However, we wanted this to be a feature that everyone has access to even if they can't afford a rank on the server. A few new things have been added to this system to make it easier to navigate.

  • Amount: There are a total of 5 vaults on the server. 4 of which can only be accessed via purchased ranks and 1 which is given to all players for free.
  • GUI: The vault GUI has been added. This will tell you what you need to unlock the next vault and how much space it has to offer.
  • Commands: Vaults can now be opened with /vault along with /pv and /playervault.


Yes envoys! Those things that were full of trash on the server and were never used because they were useless. This map, envoys have been given a whole new revamp with new loot.

  • Loot: Envoys now have a whole new set of loot along with increased chances of receiving legendary items from the chests.
  • Locations: Chest locations have been switched around and will not spawn in the same locations as the last map (still in /warp PvP)
  • OP Sword: This is a small item we have added to envoys to make PvP more fun. This sword is made of wood but only has 1 durability. Ill keep its ability a secret for now :).


Fishing was one of the first updates we introduced to the server for map 1. However, we didn't really think this feature through correctly and it didn't turn out as good as we planned. Fishing has since been reworked.

  • Loot: Fishing will now drop one of 6 fish every time you reel in your rod. Each fish has a different sale price and can be sold in /shop. The prices range from $150 to $25,000.
  • Rares: Fishing also has a chance to drop rare items such as spawners and kits.


Lootboxes have also been reworked and will now come with better loot than last time. Each lootbox can only be purchased via the store or received via the Monthly PKit.

  • Packages: The lootbox has 2 packages on the store. Package 1 allows you to purchase 1 lootbox and can only be purchased 3 times a week, and Package 2 allows you to purchase 3 of them for a discounted price, twice a week.


Economy! One of the most requested changes for the server. Loads of stuff to do with money has been changed on the /shop to make the server more enjoyable.

  • Farming: Some crops have been removed but the ones that have stayed have had a major sale price increase. Example: Old cactus price = $9.5. New cactus price = $40.
  • Mob Drops: The same has happened to mob drops. Each drop has been increased in the sale price and will make purchasing and grinding spawners more worth the time.

Bug Fixes and Small Changes:

  • Ancient Spawners: Now identified as Silverfish. Now drop the Ancient Crystals.
  • Cannoning: Cannon performance has been improved allowing smooth raids.
  • Leaf Decay: Leaves now decay on the server.
  • TNT: TNT no longer damages players when blown up.
  • And other minor improvements.

Hope to see you all online for Map 2 release.

Date Releasing: Monday 1st July 2019

Time Releasing: 8 pm BST

IP: Play.LynxRaids.Com

BigNan · 4 months ago