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Apply Cipher0's application
Started by Dalen

  1. * Your Minecraft Username: 
  3. * Discord Username:
  5. Cipher0#6999
  6. * Have you applied for staff before?:
  8. On this server I have not.
  9. * What is your TimeZone?:
  11. CTZ
  12. * How old are you?:
  14. 16, 12/20/2002
  15. * Do you have access to a working microphone?:
  17. I do have a working Microphone.
  18. * Do you have the abilty to record hackers?:
  20. Yes I have OBS and also Quick Time Player.
  21. High Effort Level Questions - Maximum detail required
  23. (( You will be assessed on grammar ))
  25. (( High Effort is not about how much you put, its also about how mature you can answer the question ))
  27. * Why do you want to become helper on LynxRaids?:
  29. I believe that the community though small deserves someone that will be able to grow along with them. I believe someone like me can help with this. I also believe that helping people is a great thing to do. I am a boyscout and I help people on a daily basis, and I want to help out the server too. I may not be able to donate money at this time but I can dedicate some time to it, although unfortunatly school takes priority. I believe helping people also helps everyone else and makes the game more fun, as the more people that know how to play the more compitition will arise later on. 
  30. * What do you think you can contribute to the server?:
  32. I was a helper and a QA on a server know as skybounds so I believe I can find bugs along with catching hackers decently well, I may not be perfect everytime but I will be able to grow and help you along the way.
  34. * Why should we chose you other other applicants?:
  36. I believe that if you chose me you will not be chosing any old player you will be choosing a player that is dedicated and is willing to go the extra mile for you. I love to help others and strive to do better every day. I hope to be able to grow my knowledge of the game along with my social skills while working for this server. I am also a life scout in boyscouts at the moment working on my Eagle Scout Service Project. I believe my scouting skills of leadership may be able to be applied here as well.
  37. * How active can you be on the server?:
  39. Honestly it depends on the week most weeks I can be on some days durring monday-friday for 1-3 hours on a good day to 0-1hours on a bad day but most weekends I am free unless doing a scouting trip! I have been one of the few people on the server almost everyday when possible. 
  40. * Have you had any other staff experience before?:
  42. Sage Pvp
  43. Builder/Helper
  44. Skybounds
  45. Helper/QA
  46. Treasure Realms
  47. Trial Mod
  48. * Have you ever been banned/muted before?
  52. This includes other servers aswell.
    Yes on Hypixel and tempmuted on skybounds 
    However on here no I have not
  53. High Effort Level Scenarios - Maximum detail required
  55. (( You will be assessed on grammar ))
  57. * You think a player is hacking on the server and wasn't sure what to do. How would you deal/approach this?
  59. I would first begin to record if not already doing so. I would then record the diffrent things he is doing to see if he is truely hacking, I would send the fotage to other staff members if I was unsure making sure to explain the parts I see as fishy. If they say he is hacking I would have one of them ban him or myself. 
  61. * A group of players are having an argument in the server chat and you weren't sure who started it. How would you deal/approach this?
  63. I would give both of them a verbal warning telling them to please stop. If they continue I may shoot them with a /warn to get it through to them. If they still continue I would take screenshots of the chat and mute whichever of them continued to argue, if both continued I would mute them both.
  65. Agreements
  67. * Do you fully understand the server rules and the punishments that may follow your actions?
  69. I do believe I understand the server rules
  70. * Do you understand that you must be able to help a player when they need it?
  72. I do understand, if I am in the middle of helping someone else must I stop helping to help another?
  73. * Please provide a screenshot of your total server time played.
  74. Sent Via Discord on Sunday June 2nd 

  76. If there is anything else you would like to know, please state now.
  78. I really enjoy your server and your forums great job! I hope you take my application into consideration! Hope you see you on the staff team!
6 months ago

Thread has been passed on to the Staff Manager.

I will reply with a response soon!

~ BigNan

x 1
6 months ago

The post is currently being reviewed by our team!

You should get a response in 5-7 days.

x 1
6 months ago

You will be granted with the role *TrialHelper* upon the release of Map 2.

Thank you for applying.

~ BigNan

6 months ago