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Important 1.2.0
Started by BigNan



21 Apr 2019

Welcome to Content Patch 1.2.0

Server IP: Play.LynxRaids.Com


Update Info:

  • Mob Hoppers Added
  • Custom Fishing Added
  • LootBox/Monthly Crate Added
  • New Kit
  • Ancient Mob Spawners
  • Many Bug Fixes

Ancient Spawners:

A brand new spawner has been added this update. This spawner is now the BEST spawner on the server and does not require a level to use. However, it can only be obtained in one way. Server Envoys! These spawners do not have a rediculous chance at finding, but they aren't easy to find either. Good Luck!


LootBox's are our way of Monthly Crates. Same aspect but different and a more cool name! These loot boxes can be purchased on the server store as a separate item, or in the Monthly Kit.


The same as crop hoppers, except they are for mobs. Upon placing this hopper, it will scan the area in a 16x16(1 chunk) radius and pick up any Mob Drops in that area. Note: 1 per chunk.

Custom Fishing:

As a small way to give out free items to you on the server, we thought it would be a good idea to introduce something new called 'CUSTOM FISHING'. This essentially allows you to fish on the server for hours and receive a few op items.


A brand kit has been added. Kit PotPvP. This kit will allow you to claim a set of protection 4 gear every 7 days along with a few potions to make your pvp experience more fun.

Bug Fixes:

  • Lynx+ now has access to /fly
  • Disabled fly in pvp zones
  • Changed prices of mob drops (buy and sell)
  • Changed prices of food drops (buy and sell)
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