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Important 1.1.0
Started by BigNan



21 Apr 2019

Welcome to Content Patch 1.1.0

Server IP: Play.LynxRaids.Com


Update Info:

  • Spawner Crate Added
  • Daily Rewards Added
  • Spawner Tracker Added
  • New Top Rank
  • Many Bug Fixes

Spawner Crate:

The spawner crate is a small addition to the server which will allow players who win this crate key on a giveaway on our discord or purchase it on the store, to roll and test their luck at winning an op spawner for their faction. All spawners in this crate have the same percentage win rate and it includes every single spawner from level 1 to 12.

Spawner Tracker:

Searching for bases and mineshafts on the server may be a little hard if you don't have a lot of experience within the faction game mode. This addition to the server will make finding spawners/bases easier on the server. The use of this new item will locate any nearby spawners within a 15 block radius. The spawners will light up with white particles which can be seen through walls. No, this item will not be available on the store but can be received through the server envoys or through the new daily reward system.

Daily Rewards:

Located directly in front of /spawn, you will be able to find a new server NPC. This NPC will allow you to claim your free daily reward on the server. However, there are TWO types of rewards, One for regular players and One for the Ranked players on the server. Each reward tier has different items but can be OP if you're lucky.

LynxPlus Rank:

A brand new top rank has been added. This rank will come with many new features and will make your experience on the server a little more fun. This rank does not come with anything too OP to ruin the server economy for others but has a few things that you will enjoy. Check out the features of this rank on our server store.

Bug Fixes:

  • Disabled Achievement Messages
  • Added one-time purchase items to some ranks
  • Added potions to Misc shop
  • Increased farming tick speed
  • World chunks have been pre-generated [NO LAG!!]
  • Generation Wand has been added
  • Fixed Gen Buckets not working
  • Fixed Mob Stacking issues
  • Spawners now stack to 64 in inventory
  • Fixed Faction permissions (/f perms)
  • Lynx Crate Key Bundle added
  • 7x7 Trench pickaxe added
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