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Important Staff Applications Tips
Started by BigNan

Some applications may have a lack of detail and an overall lack of effort in them.

Below is the information you may need when applying.

- What to expect.

Staff on the server is not all about having more fun. You may get hated, and maybe even abused. You become staff on the server to help out other players and show how eager and generous you are. If you are just the person that would like to become staff just to show off, I recommend you stop applying now.

- Writing an appealing application.

Some applicants may put in more effort and time than others. However, this may not mean your application is less attractive to us. Here are a few things you should note for your application.

Answer to the best of your ability.

Some applicants may often use a lack of detail and have bad grammar. Missing out huge chunks of information in your appeals may result in your application being denied and others being accepted. If you are serious about being staff on the server, please put in as much time and detail as possible. Not only does it make you stand out to us, but it also increases the chances of you being accepted.


Being honest in your application is key. Don't start spreading rumours that you are 'friends' with the owner or say that you have been staff on other servers when you haven't. Don't make up random pieces of information that you think may help your application out. Not being honest will just show others that you may be a non-trustworthy player.


Grammar is one of the big ones. This is what stands out to us the most. Using the correct grammar will show us that you look more professional and makes you more qualified for the staff role.


Playing daily and helping out on the forums will show us your dedication. The more dedicated you are will improve the chances of you getting the role.


7 months agoLast edited: 6 months ago