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Important LynxRaids - WIP
Started by BigNan



21 Apr 2019


As the release is near, we thought it would be a good idea to do a small post of what to expect on the server and how to approach the features.

This post will not be in any specific order.


  • Harvester Hoes
  • Anti Crop Trampling
  • Upgrades (/f upgrades)

At the start of the season, farming is one of the strategies you should really be approaching. Farming has a few features involved to make it a bit more fun and productive.

The first thing we have decided to add to do with farming is an item called a Harvester Hoe. This item is an essential tool that will automatically bring items into your inventory when mined. This is not only perfect for things like sugar cane farms, but it will also make sure you have no waste when farming.

We have also added a small feature that will stop farmland from turning to dirt when stood on. Yes, this is a bit of a simple addition but is also an essential feature that will save durability on your diamond.

Farming Upgrades! In the /Faction Upgrades menu, there is an option that will allow you to increase the speed in which your crop will grow within your faction land. Faster Growth = Faster Money.


  • Sell Items (/ah sell)
  • Buy Items (/ah)
  • Trading (/trade)

We have added an InGame auction house which will allow you as a player to sell your unwanted items and gain a bit more cash from them. Obviously, to sell the items, another player will have to purchase them. Shouldn't be hard if you sell for the right price.

If you would like to trade items with another player and prevent scams, you will be able to use the command /trade. This command will open a GUI which grants you and the other access to one side each and show each other the items you would like to trade. If you think the trade is fair, you will be able to click one button and confirm the trade. Scams Prevented!


  • TNT Disabled
  • CreeperEggs Disabled

As it will be the start of the map, we want to be able to give players time to get their base sorted and prevent raiding. A 7 day grace period will be added when the server launches. The grace period is when you are not allowed to use TNT or any other explosions for the first few days of release. This doesn't mean you can't raid a base at all.


  • Pickaxes
  • ChunkBusters

Chunk Busters are an exclusive item that can be found in many ways on the server. These are an OP item that will remove an ENTIRE chunk when placed. Not only do these make a good trenching tool for making bases, but it will also make a really good faction trap.

Trenching Pickaxes are pretty much the same as Chunk Busters, but they have unlimited durability and only remove blocks within a 3x3 or 5x5 radius.


  • 1.8 PvP :) (/warp pvp)
  • Combat Tag
  • Envoys (/supplycrates time)

A few little PvP additions have been added to the server. These additions will make PvP a lot more active and also stop those cheeky players from logging out during a fight.

Combat Tag is a small tool which will prevent players from logging out freehanded in combat. If a player logs out and is in combat, they will automatically die and lose all their stuff. Combat Tagged players are also prevented from walking into safe regions for 10 seconds.

Envoys are loot chests which will drop every 4 hours in PvP. These loot chests are filled with some OP loot and other not so OP loot. Either way, the loot will help you with your faction adventure.


  • Voting Rewards (/vote)
  • Donation Rewards (/buy)

Crates are something fun we have decided to add to the server. Crates contain some pretty good loot. Some only obtainable via a crate. Every day, you are limited to two vote links (/vote). Each vote link will allow you to claim 1 vote key and spin for amazing loot within the crates. Other crate keys can be received via envoys or from the server store. (/buy)


  • Kits (/kit)
  • Fix (/fix)
  • Shop (/shop)
  • Gen Buckets

Kits are something cool that can be accessed by purchasing a rank on the server. Even if you are a Member Rank on the server, you will receive a kit. There are also some other cool kits which can be accessed by purchasing access to them in the store.

Are you low on durability and want to be able to fix your tools? Well, if you use the command /fix, you will be able to fix your tools for a small in-game cash fee.

Shops are something in-game which will allow you to build a base from anywhere on the server. No matter where you are, you will be able to access the command /shop and freely build your base. 

Gen Buckets. There is an extra category in the shop menu. This category is called Gen Buckets. These buckets will allow you to build a full bedrock to sky wall within a matter of seconds. Perfect for OP base buildings.


  • Land Claiming
  • Player Inviting
  • Faction Creating

Not really any info needed for this part. 

Create a faction, invite players and build an OP base to win the FTOP rewards.


  • Leveling Systems
  • Mob Heads
  • Level Reward

Spawners are an essential part of the server. These blocks allow you to rank up through our system and become higher on the ftop list. Each spawner requires a specific level to be used/placed. Once you reach the max spawner level, you will be able to claim a free random reward.

NOTE: Spawners require TNT or any other explosive item to be picked up in enemy land.


  • Crop Hoppers
  • Money Notes (/withdraw)
  • Sell Wands

Crop Hoppers are another farming item which will allow you to pull in any crops or mob drops without the use of 100 hoppers. Each Crop Hopper is limited to 1 per chunk but will be fast enough to handle all the entities.

Money Notes are small pieces of paper which can be used to give other players money, or used for trades in the /Trade GUI.

Sell Wands are small tools which can be used to automatically sell any items that are in the /shop gui. Sell Wands only work on chests and do not sell mob heads.


Every single corner in the overworld will be granted with a chest. These chests have some items in which will help you with your faction adventure. Didn't want a corner before? Well, now you do!


There is currently a server-wide 35% OFF SALE! The sale counts towards everything that can be seen in the store. Want to purchase a rank and gain exclusive perks? Now is the best time to?


Join us May 4th to start your brand new faction adventure!

Hope to see you there!

IP: Play.LynxRaids.Com


~ BigNan and the LynxRaids Moderation Team

BigNan · 6 months ago · Last edited: 4 months ago