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4.0.0 - The CORE BETA Important

[NOTE: Lootbox: CORE is now OUT!]

Greetings Headhunters!
Welcome to the CORE BETA! This season will last for a total of 1 month and has many new/improved features. Any major bugs found and that are reported will be rewarded! So, let's get into the new season!

What's been reset from the last map?

  • Inventories
  • Player Vaults
  • Ender Chests
  • Your Faction, including all Faction Land/Data
  • Cash Balance
  • Unopened Crate Keys
  • Player Core Purchases

What's New?

  • PlayerCore Additions - 
    A total of 2 new upgrades have been added to the core. These upgrades allow further progress on the server along with a perk that was much needed!
    - 1.40x Multiplier
       This multiplier allows you to sell any items within /shop for 40% more than normal.
    - Loss of EXP On Death Exemption
      This upgrade will allow you to keep your experience when you die.
  • Surge Improvements -
    Any Surges on the server have since been renamed and labelled 'orbs'. They also come as a brand new item and are available specifically in Envoys and a future addition not yet to be announced.
  • Experience and Money withdrawals -
    The Money and EXP Withdraw plugins have been improved and made a lot more server friendly. The following commands have also been added for these features.
    - /XPBottle ALL
    - /Withdraw ALL
  • Sell Wand, Chunk Busters, Harvester Hoes and Trench Pickaxes -
    All 4 of these items have had major improvements along with new display lores to fit the purpose a little more.
    - Sell Wands 
       Sell Wands will no longer run out of uses after being used once.
    - Trench Pickaxes
       Trench Pickaxes will no longer bug out and not trench out your surrounding blocks.
    - Chunk Busters
       Chunk Busters now have an increased warning time instead of an automatic one incase of misplacements.
    - Harvester Hoes
       Harvester Hoes now Auto Sell as default and no longer auto send the sugar cane to your inventory.
  • Envoy Improvements -
    Just like every reset, envoys have received another improvement so the time spent in PvP is worth it and extremely rewarding.
  • Faction Missions/Points - 
    The Faction Missions have received a major redo and now work 100% with no errors. No new missions have been added and the mission types have not been changed!
    The Points shop has also received a redo. The shop will now include a variety of spawners instead of just the one!
  • Custom Recipes - 
    - You are now able to craft 8 of each custom recipe at once.
    - You can now sell 1, 64 or an Inventory of custom recipes at once.

    - A custom recipe NPC has been placed at spawn.
  • Mob Improvements - 
    - Creepers now have a chance to drop a random amount of TNT up to 3.
    - Mobs no longer spawn automatically in the wilderness.
    - All mobs are friendly and will not attack you!
  • Economy Changes -
    - All spawners now have a new spawner value along with a sho...
3.5.0 - Halloween Update Important

Greetings HeadHunters!
Halloween is near, meaning a new update which will involve new Halloween items and features! Visit the Halloween NPC at spawn to get started!

Because Halloween is near, and this is a Halloween update, the spawn of the server has been 'spooked' up a little to fit the Halloween theme. There is also a Halloween Merchant NPC which will allow you to navigate your way around the new features in one GUI.

Halloween Quests
3 quests have been added to the server. All of these quests give out Limited Halloween Items which will not be available after the 7th of November. Every player can access these quests via the /Halloween GUI, or by simply entering the command /quests.

Halloween Crate
Just for completing a Halloween Quest, you will receive a FREE Halloween Crate Key which is promised to give you some OP Rewards. Each player will only be allowed to receive a FREE Crate Key ONCE, but you are able to purchase one on the store if needed. Each Halloween Crate Key purchased on the store is a Buy One Get One Free Feature till they are removed!

Halloween Shop
A small Halloween shop has been added which will allow you to purchase a cosmetic item, perfect for your /showcase, or to purchase some Limited Halloween Gear! Everything in this shop can be purchased with In-Game Money, and can only be accessed via the /Halloween GUI.


3.4.0 - Recipes, Daily Rewards, Masks and More Important

Greetings HeadHunters!
This Content Patch adds a few new items to the game, along with some HeadHunting changes and additions.

Custom Recipes
Custom Recipes have since become a huge part of the servers economy. They allow you to spend a little extra time crafting new items but being rewarded for that time along with it. 2 brand new recipes have been added to the /farming GUI. But can only be crafted if you have the permission unlocked!

  • Orange Cookie Custom Recipe
    Sale Price $7,500
    - Craft Price: Free
    - Craft Permission: Requires unlock page. (can be found in the Vote Crate, or PvP Envoys)
    Craft Recipe:
      * 64 Wheat
      * 16 Iron
      * 16 Pumpkin
  • Rotten Apple Custom Recipe
    Sale Price $17,500
    Craft Price: Free
    Craft Permission: Requires unlock page. (can be found in the Vote Crate, or PvP Envoys)
    - Craft Recipe:
      * 16 Apples
      * 1 Golden Apple
      * 32 Rotten Flesh

Daily Rewards Buff
Ever since daily rewards were released, they haven't been as amazing as they were thought to be. After some thorough thought, we have added and removed some of the items from the rewards.

  • None Ranked Player Rewards
    - Buffed Rewards
    - Added a 2.0 chest with more rewards
  • Ranked Player Rewards
    - Buffed Rewards
    - Added a 2.0 chest with more rewards

HeadHunting Masks
Some new HeadHunting masks have been added. Each with different abilities but all with 5 tiers. Each mask can be received via the Cauldron at spawn, or through the /headhunter GUI.

  • Pig Mask - Grants Saturation
    Level 1
      * 640 Pig Heads
      * 0 Mob Masks
    Level 2
      * 2,560 Pig Heads
      * 1 Pig I Mob Masks
    Level 3
      * 5,760 Pig Heads
      * 1 Pig II Mob Masks
Season End/CORE BETA Important


I know this is a bit of an early announcement, but it's best I let you know now whilst I remember :D.
This season of LynxRaids will be ending in just over a months time, on November 5th. The top 2 factions will be receiving F Top rewards instead of top 3. After this season ends, we will be releasing a new season, but with some feature changes.

Next Map:
On November 10th, we will be fully releasing a season we call CORE BETA. This will allow us to mess around with a few plugins and change some of the features for you to enjoy. We will also be trying a new Cannon Jar which should hopefully improve cannoning on the server. Core Beta will only be lasting for ONE MONTH meaning the Core Beta season will end on December 10th allowing us to get a fresh map up for Christmas!
NOTE: Core Beta won't be receiving any major updates, but it will still deal with the additions of orbs/custom recipes.

More information will be given out closer to the date!

3.3.0 - Vote Buff, Crates and More Important

Greetings HeadHunters!

A new update comes along! This update has been pushed forward a week earlier than expected as we think it is something we need to add now! This is only a small update and no new Faction Missions or Farming Recipes will be added.

Voting both helps you out on the server with getting to the FTop 2 position, along with helping our server get advertised in the Minecraft community. Over the past weeks, vote rewards haven't been getting sent through properly, causing you to get the same rewards over and over again. Below is a display of the new vote rewards, along with something new we have added to make voting more fun.

  • Rewards:
    - 1x Vote Key
    - $15,000
    - 1 Core Fragment
  • Chance Rewards:
    - Double Rewards 30%
    - Basic Key 20%
    - Spawner Key 10%
    - Special Key 5%
  • Vote Milestones
    - Vote Milestones is a server-wide event which will allow you to claim a specific reward when the goal is reached. Milestones will be announced on discord when completed!

Crates Keys can be obtained via the PvP Envoys, or via the Server Store. Crates allow you to spin and have a chance to obtain Legendary OP items on the server. This update includes the following features.

  • Buffed the Vote Crate
    - Now includes more items such as
      * Sell Wands
      * HeadHunting Spawners
  • Buffed the Basic Crate
    - Now includes more items such as
      * Core Fragments
      * Auto Sell Chests
  • Buffed Special Crate
    - Now includes more items such as
      * Boss Eggs
      * Player Ranks
  • Buffed Master Crate
    - Now includes more items such as
      * Trenching Pickaxes
      * Boss Eggs
      * Player Ranks
  • GUI Improvements
    - The Crate GUI now has a more improved layout. This means all of the crates go in order of Worst to best.

MobCoin Shop
Recently suggested, a lot, has been that the MobCoin shop should include more items. We have listened to your feedback and have added the following items to the MobCoin shop for a specific price.

  • Chunk Busters
    - Price: 250 MobCoins
  • Trenching Pickaxe
    - Price: 1,250 MobCoins

Server Feature Changes and QoL Fixes
- Fixed PlayerCores spamming console when opened.
- Fixed /farming not giving Old Bananas.
- Added an All Suffix bundle to the store.
  * This will also include all future suffixes.
  * If you purchase this, you will receive the newly added ones.
- Updated the spawn hologram.
- Improved the Life and Feed surge.
- Added a 1 time use message to Adventure Kit Tokens.
- Fixed /f missions error.
- Fixed Mask GUI not creating masks.
- Added C...

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